Irritated, distressed, and fatigued all the time? You need “Qi”!

I have been noticing worrying signs on myself with age…

My body metabolism doesn’t seem to work as well as it did before!

The first thing I notice is bad breath

My skin is not in its best condition neither…

It touches rough and bumpy.

Even more embarrassing is that my usually flat tummy has recently been bloated.

It looks fat as a home for a lot of waste.

I am also examined with cholesterol problem from my physical check-up.

I never experienced constipation until recently…

I feel abashed whenever I go number 2 during office hours.

The smell is beyond bearing to a point that I don’t want anyone to know that it comes from me…

Moreover, many people around me have told me that I appear to be quite distressed and irritated lately… some even ask me if I’m going through menopause! Come on, I’m in my 30s alright?

I feel so tired these days…

Makeup is uncapable of covering my tiring look.

8-hr sleep feels so short!

I’ve been to the modern medical doctor, but my symptoms remain the same.

Hence, I start to search for all sorts of health supplements out of despair.

The one I’m sharing today is one of my discoveries from Japan

37 Ginseng!

This is the only supplement that works on me.

I believe it has to do with its main ingredient!

We all know ginseng is beneficial, so what exactly makes 37 Ginseng extraordinary? (See below)

The high content of “Ginsenosides” is what!

It is popular because it is advantageous to our blood circulation.

To be honest, the well-known panax ginseng, or Korean ginseng, is less effective.

It gains so much popularity because it is widely grown.

Comparatively, 37 ginsengs are less common on the market.

Luckily, I manage to find this ginseng supplement made in Japan.

This is highly recommended by Japanese doctors!

For the concern for cardiovascular disease related to colder weather, the ginsenosides in 37 Ginseng are helpful in blood flow and prevention of vascular embolism!

As for cholesterol problems, 37 Ginseng can be of some assistance!


After 2 months of continuous consumption, I’m here with an update!

I take 3 pills a day.

After a few days of consumption, I feel an obvious change in energy in my body.

Compared to before when I needed double espresso to wake me up in the morning, one latte is capable of supporting me all day now.

My awful fat stomach has gradually deflated!

Moreover, the troubling obstructed defecation is gone.

And my breath doesn’t smell that badly!

Many minor problems disappear with improved blood circulation.

After all, it means that the body is functioning more smoothly.

I feel vigorous now with the “infusion of Qi” from 37 Ginseng!

I recommend this to people who suffer from minor discomforts all the time like I did!

For anyone considering this, my advice is to start with 3-pack set.

This is health supplement after all. It takes time to work its magic!


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